In 2012, Riley Knight finally completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in history. Obviously, the job offers just have not stopped since then.

A mere six years later, he started Half-Arsed History, a weekly history podcast. For around half an hour a week, it makes him feel as though his degree has some kind of real-world relevance as he talks about whatever he feels like.

Album Art Images:

  • Ortelius, Abraham. Typus Orbis Terrarum. 1570. Ink on paper. Via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Fiske, N.W. Herodotus. 1854. In Manual of Classical Literature, p. 434. Philadelphia: E. C. & J. Biddle, 1854. Via University of South Florida.
Theme Music:
  • Strauss, Johann. Radetzky March. 1848. United States Marine Band, 1992, MP3. Via Wikimedia Commons.